Why Making Your Third Space Online Can Have Social Benefits

Why Making Your Third Space Online Can Have Social Benefits

A third space is a necessary evil for people nowadays to get away from work and home. It’s a place where people can gather, socialize, or just ponder life. Oftentimes this is a physical space like a cafe or library, for instance. Literally anywhere can become someone’s third space, even nature. Online chat rooms and video chat apps have revolutionized how we hang out with friends. Find out why some of the best social benefits can come from having an online third space.

Create Room with Friends

The physical limits of having a third space mean not everyone can come hang out all at once. It can be too far for some friends to travel or just doesn’t work with their schedules. With online video chat apps, many people can get together at once (as many as ten friends and family) so nobody feels left behind. Everyone’s faces are visible while chatting so people can be accessible anytime, any place as long as they are logged into the app.

You Live Online Already

Everyone lives online to some extent, it seems. Some people have opted out of online life but many others have extensive profiles and pages dedicated to showing off their lives in one way, shape, or form. You might spend your time streaming videos, liking Instagram photos, replying to posts, and even sharing thoughts online or in a blog. It makes sense then, that people who already exist online, would want to make it part of their social lifestyle. Call friends on an app, make a playlist, and have a dance party. People can get even get together for a game of cards without having to be in the same room. Pretty amazing when you think about it, which is why so many people love having this third space online.

Anyplace Can Be a Third Space

With online video sharing apps, you can make anywhere a third space. Wherever you hop online is a space you can use for connecting with friends. Literally you can phone your friend anywhere and they can answer in real time with video chat, ready to hang out and socialize with you. You may miss the sights and smells of coffee shops, but having an online third space is a great alternative. While you are thinking of ways to get all your friends together in one place for an expensive vacation, why not try going online and getting together for regular chats. It should never replace person-to-person interaction and connection but it is definitely a great way to connect with family and friends who live far away or with whom you have a hard time connecting due to schedules. This can really boost your ability to feel connected and ease loneliness.

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