What Meditation and Spirituality Have to Do with Recovery

Spirituality can be a foreign concept to people entering recovery for the first time. Maybe it’s due to neglect or lack of self care. It’s like shutting the mind as if it were a steel trap to keep things out or stop new ideas from flowing in. Spirituality takes time to come back into a person’s life and can be highly rewarding. Meditation and spirituality can really help bring new levels of awareness to recovery.

Why it Works

Mindfulness meditation can help an individual become aware of what is happening in front of them. The present, here and now, takes practice to focus on just this moment. Through the process of mindfulness meditation, the individual discovers new passions and recovers old ones which may have been lost in active addiction. Meditation and spirituality have been shown to improve mental concentration and clarity, reduce anxiety and depression, and promote a deeper sense of inner peace. Research has shown being in the present moment improves individual well-being and overall sense of confidence with purpose.

Types of Teachings

The following are some types of meditation and spiritual teachings which can help a person in recovery.


Kabbalah means ‘to receive,’ and it is a form of spirituality which studies how to receive fulfillment in life. The teaching of Kabbalah helps an individual connect to an energy which allows them to maintain connectedness to permanent fulfillment in life. It is about a deeper level of awareness of self.

12-Step Yoga Flow

A powerful framework for the wisdom of yoga and recovery, this program can help stimulate recovery. Mind, body, and spirit can be brought together in a series of physical postures and controlled breathing.

Tai Chi

With origins in ancient China, Tai Chi Qigong consists of a series of movements, meditations, and breathing techniques that produce a calm, meditative state of mind. An individual can experience feelings of peace and calm while enhancing the body’s overall health. The practice of Qigong can reduce tension, promote stamina, improve cardiovascular function, and work to restore overall health. When a person experiences an enhanced quality of life, it can bring healing and awakening.

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