Make Recovery Your Own By Releasing Comparison

In Pursuit of Recovery, Become a More Fearless Giver
In Pursuit of Recovery, Become a More Fearless Giver
September 4, 2018
Complicated Grief Therapy May Help You Start Healing in Recovery
Complicated Grief Therapy May Help You Start Healing in Recovery
September 6, 2018

Humans love comparison. We are always in competition to see how we measure up against others and this pushes us forward but can also make us feel like we fall short constantly. Spending too much time focusing on how we measure up to others can keep us from making the most of our journey. Find a way to let go of comparison and start making recovery your own.

Find a Program

Knowing yourself better than anyone means you know what works and what doesn’t. Know your schedule and what you need to get your best out of a rehab facility. Don’t cheat yourself out of this experience. You need it more than ever so make sure it suits your needs. Not every program works the same to be open to exploring options and try these:

  • Ask a therapist or counselor for referrals
  • Be open to exploring options but be honest
  • Find a program you will stick with after rehab

Set Goals

Everyone progresses at their own rate. You may take longer or shorter amounts of time to complete a program. Don’t worry about the length of time. You are in a different place in your life than someone else. Things you can feel proud of accomplishing should be on your list of goals. They only need to mean something to you, nobody else. Also try:

  • Reflecting on where you are in life and where you are headed
  • Look at what you’ve overcome
  • Look at your personal capabilities
  • Set goals to make yourself happy not anyone else

Know Your Triggers

Figure out what contributed to your development of a substance use disorder because it will greatly help your recovery. There may be certain people or places you need to avoid in order to support your recovery and feel more confident in your progress. Know when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. When cravings hit, when temptation strikes, know what that feels like. Create a relapse prevention plan that supports your journey in recovery.


The danger of comparison lies in knowing this is not a level playing field. Every single person has needs, desires, hopes, fears, and work to do in recovery.  Go at your own pace and try to measure up only to your sense of where you are going, nobody else’s matters. Leaving behind comparison can help you relax, feel less stressed, and put you at less risk for relapse because you are trying to measure up to everyone else.

Sound Recovery supports your journey in discovering how you do recovery best for you. We will not push anything on you that is not an individualized plan designed with your best recovery in mind. We are here to guide you through the steps to recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, let us help. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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