LSD and Psychedelic Drugs Do Impact the Brain

When the brain is on psychedelic drugs, it can really mess up the body and brain’s overall chemistry. Healthy people who use the drugs can experience mood swings and long term damage. Learn more about LSD and psychedelic drugs to find out its impact on the brain.

Impact of Drugs

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ketamine cause the brain to enter a ‘higher state of consciousness’ according to scientists. People who enter a psychedelic state are conscious and often report experiencing things like hallucinations. The boundaries between self and world seem to disintegrate. Instead of a reduction in the level of diversity, there seems to be an increase.

Research Shows

In recent studies, scientists have found that the brain activity changes into a higher state of consciousness. This is measured in the tiny magnetic fields produced by the brain in different states to look at differences between the three drugs and normal consciousness. The findings show a baseline for brain signal diversity when people were on psychedelic drugs which is consistently higher than in a normal waking state. This is not to say the brain is better on psychedelic drugs. It simply means that brain activity varies and is different and higher on some scales when the drugs are used. The study itself is a way to understand what is happening in the brain and how psychedelic drugs change how it operates.

Therapeutic Uses

One way this research can be helpful is to explore how drugs like LSD and ketamine can be used to treat conditions like depression. Psychedelic drugs can provide significant benefits for people with depression but there is no clear answer as to why this is. Psychedelic drugs can have the power to change people’s perception of the world and LSD can impact the brain’s chemical system. The goal is to further learn about the brain basis of hallucinations to understand how it changes the way the brain perceives reality. This is also true for how the brain may be impacted by schizophrenia and other conditions. Understanding a lot more about visual experiences can help determine how sensory input is interpreted and controlled.

The studies that are being conducted are not trying to say the use of LSD or psychedelic drugs is in any way, shape, or form condoned or a good idea for people on a regular basis. Simply, it is necessary to study these drugs to find out how the brain is impacted so that more data can be gathered to help people who are struggling with brain changes from the drugs or who cope with hallucinatory processes in mental health conditions like schizophrenia. The more research is conducted, the better hope there is for outcomes that will benefit people in the future in the form of drug trials and support for brain changes related to these drugs.

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