How Long is it Going to Take to Feel Better Again?

How Long is it Going to Take to Feel Better Again?

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”



Wondering how long it is going to take to feel better again?  This is a fair question when entering into recovery,  especially considering how rough the first few days, weeks, months are going to be.  When we start looking to feel “better” we get caught up in a striving mindset.  We begin chasing a feeling and that becomes exhausting, because feelings are fleeting experiences.  The biggest leap you will make in your recovery comes when you realize that it’s not about feeling better, it’s about appreciating and accepting how you feel now.  Thoughts and feelings are both extremely subjective and will change like the winds. While it’s normal to want to feel better, we have to begin recovery by changing our definition of better.  Sometimes when we strive for something we wind up getting further and further away from it, like sleep.  We’ve all had the nights that we just couldn’t get to sleep and the more we tried the worse it got.  We find ourselves in a situation that we can’t sleep because we’re thinking about not being able to sleep.  The more we try, the harder it is to fall asleep.  Feeling better in recovery works much the same way.  If we start focusing on this idea of feeling better, we begin to question how we feel. We fall into a deeper funk and the cycle just keeps repeating itself.  If you’re using meditation as part of your recovery, you will see how much of a difference just letting yourself be can have on your mindset and ability to focus.  Once we can become content in our sobriety itself, our addictions start to lose their power.

Instead of focusing on feeling better, focus more on just being.  Understand that feelings are constantly changing like clouds in the sky.  Our well being is in the stability that comes from the blue skies.  As long as you maintain your sobriety, no matter how many clouds roll in, that blue sky is always there.  Stop looking for happiness as a symptom of your sobriety and start enjoying the happiness in your sobriety.


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