Are You Living With High Functioning Anxiety?

Are You Living With High Functioning Anxiety?

Part of the problem with a “high-functioning” disorder is the way that life looks on the outside. On the outside, your life probably looks alright. You have a job, you go to school, you have a car, you have a home, you make payments on time, you take good care of yourself, you aren’t disheveled- the list can go on. Problematically, this facet of anxiety is rooted in misinformation. Mental health can be seen from the outside in, however, mental health is something which is really happening from the inside out. What defines a mental illness is not how your life looks outside but how your life feels inside. Even if you are ambitious, productive, a leader, albeit a perfectionist, your internal struggles with chronic anxiety is an issue that deserves treatment.


You can’t figure out what you’re anxious over

Anxiety doesn’t need reason or rhyme because anxiety is largely irrational. Think about the anxieties you experience as a child. You are anxious about going to sleep at night because of the terrors the darkness might hold. As a child, you don’t know that it is irrational to think there are monsters under the bed. An adult with anxiety is dealing with fears which act like monsters hiding inside of their own mind. Irrational in nature and logic, they seem perfectly rational to the person experiencing the anxious thinking. The anxiety doesn’t have to have a source, per say. All of anxiety is sourced in fear. Anxiety is misplaced fear built on top of misplaced fear. Fears create more fears much in the same way that the monster under the bed takes on new and exponentially horrifying forms.


You don’t like relaxing because you can’t relax

People with high-functioning anxiety tend to be very high energy. They are constantly searching for something to do with all of their energy and do it as perfectly as possible. Ironically, it is typically this characteristic of high-functioning anxiety that turns people toward drugs and alcohol. Anxious energy is hard to calm down, which is why people who are experiencing anxiety hate hearing “you need to calm down”. Relaxation is hard not just because of the high energy, but the anxious thoughts that come with sitting still. You are overwhelmed, and somewhat anxious, by the amount of things you have your hands in. As a result, you might turn to drugs and alcohol to bring your energy down, calm your thoughts, and make the anxiety go away.


Drugs and alcohol are not the answer to anxiety. Sound Recovery Solutions offers leadership based treatment offering men and women an opportunity to participate in therapy and personal development to build a successful life in recovery. Call us today for information 561-277-3088

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