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Being alone means physical separation from other people in your life. Solitude, on the other hand, is an inner state of being, one where we are not identifying with other groups but finding peace within ourselves. To be in solitude is to feel grounded in your own power and personal experience, without the need to associate with something greater.

Solitude vs. Alone

Even though we can often find solitude when we are alone (or with others), generally solitude doesn’t depend on environment. It is a quality of consciousness. This way of being implies no authority outside our purpose is necessary to live a life of solitude. We can embrace our inner child, the sacred space where we feel most safe, when we seek to be in solitude. It can be good to establish roots in a place but it does not always happen. Some people spend a lot of time alone and find they enjoy it while others may spend time alone but do not enjoy it. The key is to figure out how to find solitude when you need it and alone time when you desire it.

Why it Helps

We do not need to constantly spend time with other people to socialize. Oftentimes, it is when there is deeper soul searching happening that you find a way to connect with others. Recovery is a time of new discoveries about where you find yourself now, and how you want to move forward with your healing journey. What worked then may not work now. There may have been many things which did not work (being alone a lot) and now you crave time with others. To be with others is to find healing within yourself so you can rest within your soul that you are where you want and need to be right now.

Stay Focused

What you don’t want to happen is that you lose touch with yourself, or that part of yourself, that desires to stay connected to the inner self. In times of mental health issues and substance abuse, it can be hard to know yourself well or stay clear on who you are. Solitude is about taking time for yourself, to stay focused, and humble on the journey of recovery through:

  • Self-inquiry
  • Meditation
  • Inspiring yourself to greater things

When you take time to develop your positive inner self, you will become more outwardly confident and can engage with others without feeling the pressure to be something other than what you are. Cultivating this inner knowing is the key to supporting a long lasting recovery.

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