Learn About the Little Known Downward Spiral of Trading Addiction

Trading in the financial markets can be exciting for many reason. Addiction can pop up before you even realize it has happened. Just like casino gambling or online gambling addiction, it can impact personal relationships, work, and health. The causes of addiction to trading are just coming to light but there is hope for those who struggle.

Temptation to Trade

Lots of money can be made on the market doing various trades. If you know what you’re doing, you can really get good at it and find financial success. More people are able to do it on their own without a boss or company to back them up. There is fast trading called leveraging which can help a person become financially independent and not rely on a 9-to-5 job to get by. The fundamental issue is that it involves risky trades. This is where amateur traders can lose out rather quickly. If it goes sour, there is the chance every coin invested can be lost.

Downward Spiral

Trading that hard and fast only to lose it all can create an environment that leads to addiction. If things go well, people think they know what they are doing and bet more in an effort to make a fortune. If initial successes were just beginner’s luck, this could end horribly. The psychological trap of losing money only to try and win it back with spending more puts people into a proverbial cycle of win-lose-win-lose which can send people into a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, and severe financial losses.

True Addiction

Trading can give a swift kick and rush, especially when money seems to be pouring in. this leads towards compulsive and addictive behavioral patterns to get a cheap thrill from trading that leads to obsessive desire for more. Just like a person with drug addiction, trading addicts can be susceptible to having their brain chemistry changed by trading whereby they experience withdrawal when they cannot trade on the market. Even more dangerous is that the doping process is, in reality, a training process for the brain. You get rewards for certain activities only to find you need a bigger hit next time for the same reward. Signs of addiction may include:

  • Spending free time trading
  • Neglecting family and friends to trade
  • Giving up work, hobbies, and life to just trade on the market
  • Spending more money and going into debt to trade or win back losses
  • Making excuses for behavior
  • Lying to family and friends about the negative consequences
  • Stealing or going to illegal lengths to trade or win back losses

Getting clean requires admitting you have a problem. Open up to friends and family about the nature of trading and how it affects you. Seek help  to see if you can get into Gamblers Anonymous (GA) or another group that supports people with addiction. This can also be helpful in conjunction with treatment as co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues may arise alongside trading addiction. There is hope and healing on the other side of addiction.

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