Knowing These 5 Things About Rehab Might Ease Your Anxiety

Knowing These 5 Things About Rehab Might Ease Your Anxiety

Anxiety around going to rehab is a common concern. Knowing what to expect can alleviate some of the feelings of terror. Nobody wants to go to rehab. To stop the cycle of pain, most people want to regain trust of loved ones and repair their lives, but are not sure how to do it. Rehab is a great place to find room for recovery and finding your way back to peace again. Follow these tips for ways to ease anxiety as you transition to treatment.

Freedom Takes Time

For the first week, freedom will be at a premium. You will earn privileges as you go but after a week or two you will start to feel more at ease as you realize you are protected and safe from the outside world. It takes time to adjust to having rules in place but it helps you feel more at home.

Making Friends

Eventually you will make friends and find people to hang out with. It is tempting to hang out with people who make you laugh and know the ropes of rehab. Find people with whom you gel but also challenge you in healthy ways.

Decent Food

You will probably like the food more than you think. The thing is, you are likely not preparing it, so not having to cook eases the worry about what to eat and when. Mealtimes can be a fun part of the experience with others.

Spending Time Together

You’ll have lots of time to spend with friends. There will not be lots of time alone but you will have reflection time to help you process the experience. The goal is not to let you isolate yourself from others.


Professional staff may head home so you’ll have weekends with less structure. Occasional groups will meet and you can possibly do things you don’t have time for during the week. This is good reflection time for healing and maybe meeting with family if that happens on weekends.

The main thing to keep in mind is that rehab helps. Going to rehab will help you focus on your recovery, getting on the path to healing from addiction. Treatment is not meant to be a sentence, it is a time of reflection and support for your journey. If you are ready to take the leap, then you will be ready for the challenge.

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