Saddle Up to a Horse to Help with Recovery
Saddle Up to a Horse to Help with Recovery
September 3, 2018
Make Recovery Your Own By Releasing Comparison
Make Recovery Your Own By Releasing Comparison
September 5, 2018

Generosity can feel like a difficult concept to get your head around in recovery. It might feel like you are giving all you got to your recovery and your job, life, as well as relationship. Being a fearless giver is not about giving everything you have but applying some boundaries around your giving while still being generous to help those around you.

Why Generosity Matters

Generosity is important in recovery because giving to others more than looking to receive something can help you move beyond self-centeredness into the all-important area of growth that comes from caring for others. It takes some doing to improve the ability to be generous towards others. Even if you feel ill-equipped to sustain it during sobriety, you can maintain it with practice. With a few kind words, a helping hand, or generous offering to those who are struggling in recovery, you can slowly build your capacity to be more generous.

Helping Others Up

When someone new in recovery is struggling through doubts and confusion, the best we can offer is our support and understanding. We may have to hold the same for ourselves but that is what generosity is about. Holding space for ourselves while supporting others in the challenges. All it takes is a willingness to do something good for others that takes us outside ourselves for a moment. Start with a smile, a welcoming handshake. Offer yourself to others in a way that lets them know you care. Everything else can flow from this beginning.

Knowing your boundaries will help you keep from overshooting the generosity bit. If you start giving more than you should, you might not feel truly generous. Once you examine your motives for what you’re doing, you might start to look for recognition or praise that you are helping each other out. Work from the premise that generosity comes from a place of not expecting anything in return. The best way to improve on your capacity for generosity is to begin to be generous little bits at a time:

  • Practice with family, friends, and close loved ones
  • Offer your time in the community to a cause you like on an infrequent basis to start
  • Try different things to see what works
  • Make it a daily habit to find one person each day you can offer something kind towards
  • Never underestimate the power of your words, deeds, or actions for someone who is struggling

Generosity starts with the heart. Being a generous giver is about letting go of expectations you will get anything in return for being kind or nice to someone else. At Sound Recovery, we help you build the capacity for self generosity that can extend to being kind to others. We are here to guide you through the steps to recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, let us help. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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