Addiction doesn’t happen the same way for everyone. On the surface, that is. Addiction is a disease that takes hold of the mind process on a neurochemical level the same way for everyone. However, the intimate details of one’s life, one’s experiences, and one’s addiction in particular is special to them.

There are many different chemical substances which can be abused and used in addiction. Likewise, they can be abused in different ways. No two heroin addicts are exactly the same. Some drinkers are angry while others are depressed. How addiction affects each person’s emotions and spirit is unique.

Applying one singularly focused approach to treating addiction denies the importance of each person’s individuality. Sound Recovery Solutions incorporates multiple disciplines and approaches to treatment to comprehensively and holistically treat all areas of addiction.

Multidisciplinary Is The Root Of Recovery

In the opening chapters of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Silkworth, the attending doctor to Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, discussed the illness of alcoholism. Dr. Silkworth observes that alcoholism is not just an illness of the mind, but of the body, and of the spirit. At the time, these thoughts were profound and the leading rationale behind an irrational disease. Today, the holistic approach to addiction treatment follows a similar model. The multidisciplinary approach takes different treatment modalities, schools of thought, and therapeutic methodologies to help clients heal their minds, their bodies, and their spirits.


Addiction and alcoholism are illnesses of the mind. Neurochemically, neurobiologically, and psychologically, the process of addiction changes the way the brain functions. As a result, the brain sends altered and harmful signals to the rest of the body.


Abusing harmful drugs and alcohol takes a toll on the body. Overdoses weaken the body, binge drinking weakens the heart and the immune system- everything physically is affected by substance abuse. Additionally, as Dr. Silkworth theorized, addiction and alcoholism are physical allergies of a phenomenal kind. Once an alcoholic or addict has just one of their substance of choice, they suffer a kind of allergic reaction and cannot prevent themselves from having more.


Spirituality is a touchy subject in the clinical treatment of addiction and alcoholism. However, practices like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, are being considered essentials for recovery. Though they are spiritual practices, science is finding more and more evidence for practical application. Spiritual practices embody both mind and spirit as well as foster universal spiritual principles such as faith, hope, trust, surrender, and willingness.


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