Hydration: Good for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Summer is coming which means the heat is going to get turned up. Staying hydrated is of critical importance all year along, but especially during the hot summer months. Humans need water and hydration yet it is often neglected. Staying hydrated physically, mentally, and spiritually is more important than we know. Use this summer as an opportunity to work on avoiding getting dry- because once you’re thirsty, you’re already halfway there.

Physical Hydration

Water makes up the majority of our bodily content and 75% or more of planet earth. Still, we need a regular income of water to keep our body regulated. Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces, or a recommended 8 cups of water per day is usually the prescription for staying hydrated. A common excuse for not drinking enough water is that people believe athletes and people who exert a lot of physical energy need more hydration. Hydration is important for everyone.

Dehydration can cause many physical issues. Heat stroke or heat injury can occur from being in the sunlight and not drinking enough water. Getting dangerously low in electrolytes can cause digestive issues, as well as a stroke. Persistent dehydration can cause kidney damage or kidney failure.

Mental Hydration

Hydration effects the brain as well. Not only does being hydrated keep our batteries and cognitive clarity charged, but protects our brain. One of the complications of dehydration is cerebral edema, or brain swelling. After being dehydrated, then consuming a ton of water, the brain can try to compensate for its dryness by absorbing too much water. As a result, brain cells swell, causing detrimental damage.

Spiritual Hydration

The term “spiritually hydrated” comes from the sentiment that we should never have to quench our thirst when it comes to our spiritual practices. Spiritual does not mean religious. In recovery we learn to develop a routine that works for us. We may not have a God to pray to or a prayer to recite daily, but we learn to adopt behaviors that helps us have faith, hope, and belief in a better life. Just like with every other part of our program, when we start to miss out on our ‘doses’ we eventually get off course. By staying willing and committed to our spiritual practices, we need never worry about falling too far outside the herd, so to speak. We keep our minds saturated with the sunlight of the spirit and our sobriety on track.

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