How to Stop Being a Space Cadet and Get Grounded for Real This Time

If you ever missed an appointment, a train, or lost track of time, you may be guilty of being a space cadet. Far from being a bad thing, it is natural to focus on other things now so much that we lose track of ourselves and miss important appointments. As a child, perhaps you were left to watch television or devices more than interact with family and spaced out for hours at a time. Find out why you zone out and how to get yourself grounded so you can get your feet firmly planted in the present moment.

Zoning Out to Cope

Everyone has an inner child that wants to be fed, nourished, and tended to. Just what that inner child needs depends on how you were fed, nourished, and tended to as a child. If you were bullied, abused, or neglected, you may feel like that sweet, innocent child needs a hug. In math class, maybe you got so bored you stared out the window, never learning at thing, but daydreaming of ways to pursue what you really wanted. Spacing out is often a means of coping by taking yourself out of the present moment.

Zoning Back In

As a child it may have been a useful coping tool for dealing with stress or frustration. Adults need to develop better ways of coping to function at work and at home. When you’ve missed a stop, or were late to pick up kids, it can start to interfere with your life. Perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Zoning back in means tapping into your true self and honoring what you desire. How we cope as children does not always serve as adults, but there are ways of relearning how to adult in the real world.

Stop Spacing, Get Grounded

Maybe you have heard about getting grounded, but it is a great way to express the need to get your feet firmly planted in soil that will help you stay where you need to stay and get back into your body again. Think of it as a type of reprogramming for your mind, body, and soul:

  • Have more positive inner dialogue to negate the toxic, negative messages
  • Address your inner child by expressing the need to stay present and focused here and now
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga
  • Put something on your wrist that you can snap each time you find yourself zoning out
  • Get some therapeutic and group support for what you need

Once you begin the work of exposing the parts of your subconscious that are driving your desire to zone out, you can find time to focus on grounding yourself in the present and stay focused on your goals.

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