How to Practice Hospitality to Others in Recovery

How to Practice Hospitality to Others in Recovery

Hospitality is often spoken of in terms of having people over to your house for a meal or an event like a birthday or special party. The truth is hospitality is more than just opening your door to sober friends who are in recovery, it is about letting them inside to see the mess, and through it, also see the beauty.

Heart Matters

True hospitality is more than just opening your home, it is about letting people inside your messy life. It is not about offering to set aside time in your schedule for someone, but more about letting people see what your struggles and challenges are in the midst of addiction recovery. The reality may look far different than you let on, especially in the age of social media. We try to present one reality to friends and followers, while behind the scenes we wrestle with many different things on a daily basis. Recovery is not about putting on a false self, it is being true to who you are, wherever you are, in that moment.

Defining Hospitality

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines hospitable as ‘given to generous and cordial reception of guests.’ generosity goes far beyond giving money. It can be equally generous to give:

  • Time
  • Attention
  • Food
  • Encouragement

When you are able to pay attention to someone who is struggling and offer encouragement, it can feel like a weight has been lifted. When you are able to cook a meal for a friend or someone who has relapsed recently, or struggles to put recovery in a positive light, it can be life changing.

More Than Tidy Houses

Hospitality is about more than just tidy houses and spotless floors. It is about keeping our internal house in order in recovery so we can be a light to others, as well as ourselves. We sometimes need to be most hospitable to ourselves above others, but there will be times when we are called and desire to help others. In those times, it helps to remember hospitality starts with our heart. When we focus on that, we can give generously from our experience and give support where it is most needed.

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