How to Know if You’re Drinking Your Water Right (and Why it Matters)

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Most people in America take for granted the drinking water is safe. In other countries, the water is not safe to drink which can cause problems for people’s health. Unfiltered tap water includes lots of chemicals including chlorine, fluorine compounds, and even pesticides. Buying plastic, disposable water bottles is not the answer, either, for many reasons. Bottled water is unregulated, expensive, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cannot even tell people whether it is safer than tap water. Find out more about drinking water and why it matters to health.

Filter Water

Water filters for pitchers at home are great but take up a lot of space and are slow to fill. Filters can be found on refrigerators themselves or on the tap, that help filter water before it reaches the glass, and ultimately people’s stomachs. Filtered water is the best for creating safer drinking water.

Don’t Chug Water

Chugging water all at once does not give the body time to absorb it all. Most will go right through without providing any health benefits (and just make people run to the toilet a lot). Sitting down to drink, take a sip, and slowly enjoy a glass of water aids in digestion. It is also a practice in mindfulness to allow the body to hydrate itself and absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Hold the Ice

In America, it is common to use ice in water and just about any beverage. In Europe and other places, they will likely give you a strange look if you ask for water with ice. Ice has been found to be dirtier than even toilet water. Water drunk at room temperature or warm can help the digestive tract, whereas cold and iced water make the body work harder to bring the freezing water up to body temperature to process it. So, next time at a restaurant, or at home, drink a glass of lukewarm water but hold the ice.

Know the Signs

Many people think they have to drink a ton of water each day so throw it down every chance they get. This can actually harm the body if it is not thirsty. Thirst is a natural urge for water, which is a key sign from the body. Keep a water bottle to support proper hydration but don’t go overboard. The biggest thing to remember is the body needs water to stay hydrated, so listening to the body will provide signals to tell us what it needs.

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