Why Listening to Someone is Better Than Fixing or Changing
Why Listening to Someone is Better Than Fixing or Changing
August 7, 2018
Waiting Has Power: How to Embrace the Space Between
Waiting Has Power: How to Embrace the Space Between
August 9, 2018

Looking into our lives can sometimes feel like looking through the dirty pane of a window. A bit weird, a bit gunky, a lot of mess. It can skew our perspective of what our lives are like when we try to see through that pane of glass and forget that it, too, is part of our ordinary life. It really doesn’t get much better than this, right here and now. When we accept the little, ordinary things, we are more likely to accept (and receive) the extraordinary when it comes our way.

Make the Ordinary Great

As adults it is easy to lose our imaginations about what life is like, or the possibilities. It can feel like there are so few possibilities that we are drawn to, especially after struggling through something like addiction that seems to steal all our joy and presence away. The little things are what make a day, a week, a month, a year, a life. They add up over time so that, in reflection, we see all these beautiful moments as a patchwork of art that was quilted together over time. Losing focus on that can cause us to lose focus on the entire picture of what brings meaning and purpose to life.

Attitude of Gratitude

When you shift your attitude, you are more able to see things from a fresh perspective. As a child, you may have loved to play with dolls, go outside, run in nature, and explore the world. Perhaps it was writing, creating, or other things which drew you in. As an adult, it can feel difficult to figure out where we fit in and how we can arrange our lives around fun and play. Being responsible as an adult includes finding a job, dealing with stress, finding your way through life, and sometimes dealing with huge struggles like mental health challenges and addiction. It can all feel very difficult to embrace imagination and fun when all that is going on.

See Like a Child

When you see life through the lens of a child, you realize that there is so much richness in the ordinary. Kids see everyday experiences as wild and amazing. As a kid, you never really long for more stuff so much as the sensory experiences of being present to all the fun and excitement awaiting you. When you see life like a child, you start to notice little things you didn’t see before. You can examine your life differently when you see like a child. Life as an adult can feel burdensome, lonely, even heartbreaking.

Notice what your experiences tell you about each day. You can find moments of appreciation in all you do rather than take everything for granted that it is happening or will continue to happen going forward. This is so much power in loving what is happening rather than wait for something better. It is more about the place we live, the life we lead, and people around us that make up our life. That is a pretty amazing, beautiful thing. When we stop comparing to others, or to our life as it was ‘before’ something happened (addiction, for example) we can embrace the ordinary (extraordinary) life we have in front of us and embrace the beautiful moments.

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