How to Enjoy the Moment for What It Brings

Embrace Wanderlust to Find Your True Passion
Embrace Wanderlust to Find Your True Passion
October 2, 2018
Finding Momentum When Life Becomes Overwhelming
Finding Momentum When Life Becomes Overwhelming
October 4, 2018

Sometimes life throws a bunch of lemons and it can be disheartening to deal with what is thrown your way. The only way out is through and that often means enjoying the moment for what it can offer. Doing that, however, can be a challenge without some steps to guide the pathway back to enjoyment of the present moment. Try these steps if you are trying to find a way to be more present in the moment with yourself, and with life.

Get Present Now

One of the best consequences of simplifying one’s life is that it gives us time to live in the present moment. Clearing our home has allowed us freedom to shape our lives today around a value system which makes better sense. The only important moment is the present moment. With this goal in mind, consider this list of tips to start living in the present:

  • Remove unnecessary hindrances. Minimalism forces people to live in the present moment. Removing clutter from life, emotions, thoughts, and daily existence frees up so much space to live here and now (rather than in the past or future).
  • Smile at people (even if they’re strangers). So many people seem to be staring at their phones now, or distracted, that it may seem awkward at first but it really can boost everyone’s moods to smile.
  • Fully appreciate today for what it is. Soak in whatever comes your way today. The sights, sounds, smells, emotions, and even the sorrows have so much value. Don’t overlook them in the daily drama of life.
  • Forgive the past. Enjoying the moment comes with no baggage. Even if in the past people were hurt or they brought pain to another person’s life, admit the harm done, and forgive, so that mental space is freed up to feel present.
  • Play at work. Finding meaningful employment may feel hard, especially in recovery. It may be all about survival mode. That is okay (for a while). The goal is really to play more and work less, even while at work. Finding a job that allows space to be creative and in the moment can be more enjoyable (even if it is hard work) than toiling at a job that does not make a person feel good about themselves.
  • Capture dreams. Don’t forget about those long-held dreams that are pie-in-the-sky now, but may be reality soon. Write them down, capture them on film, or tell loved ones about those goals. Set a plan in motion today for what can be done to move just one step closer to making those dreams come true.
  • Move past addictions and hang-ups. Don’t let addiction take over when there are opportunities to heal and recover. There are groups, programs, and rehab centers waiting to support people suffering from addiction and behavioral challenges. It is now the time to focus on the present moment and start rebuilding life in recovery the way you’ve always dreamed of, and begin thriving.

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