How to Embrace Your Life as it is Right Now

How to Embrace Your Life as it is Right Now

Some people find change difficult while others embrace it with amazing enthusiasm. It begs the question what makes some people embrace life and all its craziness while others struggle to stay present in the moment. When you learn to embrace the present moment, it makes recovery a lot more sustainable long term. Find some ways to learn how to embrace your life, just as it is right now, warts and all.

Change is Hard

Change can be very difficult for some people even as others find it inevitable and just roll with it. If you find it hard to roll with change, you’re not alone. Lots of people prefer what is comfortable and familiar over change. Relationships, careers, kids, addiction recovery all can happen which bring about massive changes. Life is a constant ebb and flow of change. If you find yourself becoming bitter about what life has thrown your way, try to make some lemonade from those lemons. Focusing on the negative will only drive you further into a mental rabbit hole of comparison, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and so on. Embracing change can help you learn to love what is now, rather than try to change the past or manipulate the future.

Healing and Hope

Addiction can feel like it beats you down until there’s nothing left. Even in recovery, you might be encountering new memories, thoughts, and ways of being that just feel destructive and negative. That is all part of your life right now. It is not going to come up all roses and daisies. Unfortunately, there are challenging times, as well as healing times, that support our growth and help us move into the future better than the past left us. When you embrace your personal challenges, you can face today with clarity and hope for what’s ahead. Recovery is about taking each day as it comes, moment by moment, even if it takes a little more healing to get to where you want to go.

Letting Go

Recovery from addiction is a microcosm of life itself for everyone. We all think we can control what is going to happen to us but what we all must come to terms with is we only control what is in front of us in the present moment. We cannot control what someone else says or does, nor can we control what we do about other people’s stuff. We can only look at ourselves and see what we need to do to embrace life and make changes right now. It may look like grief, it may look like hope, but it will inevitably look like letting go long enough to realize we are not in control and it is ultimately better that way.

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