How to Be Grateful for Recovery Lessons

How to Be Grateful for Recovery Lessons

Entering into recovery is hard no matter how old a person is, where they are from, or what their battles have been with addiction. The main challenge for people in recovery is learning to find gratitude for the life lessons, and daily goodness, that comes following addiction. While a person may enter recovery broken, recovery can feel like a million tiny lessons in how to piece a life back together.

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The following are some of the greater life lessons to learn in recovery that help build gratitude muscles for the journey. Giving even one of them a try can be a blessing that will keep on giving back time and again for a lifetime.

  • I am enough. Perhaps a person spends life trying to feel loved. Perhaps the person tries to morph into something else to become like a person that will be acceptable to others. None of which is realistic but it may have led to addictive behaviors. As long as a person is true to themselves and confident in their own personhood, there is no reason to try and seek approval from others. Worthiness does not come from the validation of others.
  • Learn who you are. Taking the time to get to know yourself is somewhat underrated these days. It seems to be all about keeping up with everyone else who seems to have more than a person needs and yet they have more likes, tweets, and special favor coming their way. Learn to honor personal gifts, and everything you have to offer, rather than seeking to be like the next big star. Be a star in your own rite where you are.
  • You can do anything. Even if you live in the depths of despair, where you are faced with a choice between suicide or recovery, there will be a rock bottom. If you choose recovery, perhaps you will face those challenges and seek a new way of living out your life with courage.
  • Everything in time. It may not seem so now, but you can have what you want in time. Once the worst part is over (rehab, for some, for others early recovery) you can get down to business and start rebuilding your life. Recovery is not without challenges but you will always be okay.
  • It’s all about choices. You can choose to live with gratitude or be bitter and filled with fear for the journey. You may choose to enter rehab even if you don’t choose what happens after. The problems are never as big as they seem and you can (and will) overcome those obstacles. It’s simply about choosing how to see your future.

A life built in recovery is challenging but having gratitude is about deciding life is good no matter what comes your way. Even in the midst of hopelessness and despair, you can choose to see what is good rather than what is wrong. By doing this, you choose to see things from a different perspective than most people and put yourself at a better position for creating a life you will love and honors your values in recovery.

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