Hone Your Visceral Intelligence for a Healthier Mind and Body

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So much time is spent up in our heads these days. Every day, we have thoughts that range in the thousands, and ruminations from the past can cycle in and out so often it feels like it is happening in real time. When you spend the majority of your time up in your head (where ego, judgement, fear, and anxiety live) it can feel like being stuck in a never-ending cycle of suffering. Visceral intelligence can help you reconnect to your brain and body, creating a more healthier you.

Learning Visceral Intelligence

It takes time to relearn good, positive habits that will make you feel better about going out into the world. Living in your head only takes you so far, then you begin to feel the effects of living with a tape rerunning in your head day after day. Visceral intelligence starts with:

  • Asking your body a question it knows the answer to (age, hair color, name)
  • Noticing what yes feels like (expensive, lighter, overall a feeling of peace)
  • Noticing what no feels like (heavy, constricted, and overall a sinking feeling)

Visceral intelligence is about noticing what is happening in your monkey mind and calming it down with intuition. Your mind may be whirring with thoughts that create anxiety, fear, or sadness, but your body is grounded in the moment which will help you experience what is right and true.

Food and Body

What we eat is as important as how we eat. Everything is fast food, consume whatever you can in as short an amount of time as possible. Maybe you obsessively track calories or food intake, exercise, and track progress on the scale. This can lead to eating disorders and challenges with food. What happens when you focus on visceral intelligence as it relates to food, you can:

  • Learn to meal plan and prep ahead for healthier home-cooked meals
  • Stop to check in and ask your body what it needs in the moment
  • Stay away from sugars and carbs when you are craving them and offer your body a healthier option
  • Ground yourself in the present to check in and help build trust between your brain and body

Caffeine, sugar, and carb loading can have long-term health risks when done for a long period of time. When you focus on what your body needs, maybe it is rest rather than a cookie. Perhaps it needs a banana for fuel rather than a candy bar. Keep a journal of how your mind responds to what your body wants and what happens when you offer it a healthier alternative. This will help you track progress and stay accountable to your personal goals.

Trust Yourself

One of the biggest challenges in the present times is learning to trust ourselves. There are many so-called ‘experts’ on everything from coaching life principles, to nutrition, diets, and so much more that it feels difficult to trust our own intuition about what it needs. When you release fear, guilt, and shame, you can let your body and mind start making healthier decisions. Your greatest tool to healing your body with food is to let it communicate what it needs, pay attention, and follow through. You might be surprised by what you discover once you start listening.

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