Here are Some Ways to Find Your Own Voice in Sobriety

Here are Some Ways to Find Your Own Voice in Sobriety

Communication is key when you are in recovery, but it is just as important to communicate well to yourself. It is a time of rediscovering what is true for you now, as opposed to what was true ‘back then.’ it is a way of transmitting your truth into the world when you finally find your voice and let it holler. Once you get a better sense of who you are and how you view the world, you will start to speak up about your needs, desires, and share feelings that will help you in recovery.

Discover Your Truth

Recovery is not just about finding support groups and attending meetings. It means taking a journey to find what is true for you and not letting others influence your truth. Your invitation is to start with getting in touch with that deep inner voice that wants to speak. To find it:

  • Give yourself permission to not take responsibility for other people’s’ reality
  • Lose the need to ask permission to be yourself
  • Speak up when you feel misrepresented or unheard

Develop a Strong Voice

Sometimes you will speak with clarity and conviction, at others you will feel like a withering plant. You always have another chance to choose to use your voice. Make yourself the focus and pay attention to how you are (or are not) honoring yourself. Some other tips:

  • Use your voice in challenging situations as you gain confidence
  • Offer yourself respect
  • Find avenues to explore creatively using your voice through music, art, or other means

There are so many ways you can regain focus on emboldening your voice in sobriety. It is difficult to feel like you have not been heard or listened to for a long time. Perhaps there is a good reason for that. After all, addiction makes you do seemingly crazy things and think about things differently than you would in sobriety. Now you are in recovery, perhaps it is time to focus on healing and getting your voice back so you can pursue your life goals once and for all. When you learn to speak truth into your own power, it can feel life affirming. There is nothing quite like feeling strong within yourself that will help you regain the footing you need to move forward with your life. Challenge yourself to speak up about your experiences to friends, family, and other audiences. Be bold and courageous. After all, this is your recovery and you deserve to feel good about it.

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