The Healing Power of Seeing Recovery with Wonder and Awe

When you get tired of people asking how you feel in recovery, you  may not know how to answer. Probing your feelings might be the last thing you want to do, especially with family and friends at this point. Maybe you just need a break from it all. The painful truths, the self-destructive behaviors you used as excuses to hide addiction. Here’s the rub: everyone may be eager to see you back on the road to recovery but nobody can heal you faster than you. Looking for the awe and wonder in recovery can help you start on the healing journey, one only you can take.

Set Goals

You may be sick of hearing this by now, but you need to set goals in recovery. The prospect may be daunting but you have to satisfy yourself and everyone else by setting yourself some goals to help focus your energy. Long-term goals will help you work towards getting yourself where you want to be in recovery. Crafting simple, easy-to-accomplish goals will set you up for success now and down the road. Get some successes in your corner to help you take charge and start seeing with eyes of wonder how this can change your recovery for the better.

Get Some Gratitude

If you are feeling lots of enthusiasm now you are in recovery, that’s great. Don’t be overconfident but try to consider all your accomplishments and what they mean. You did not do this on your own, you had a lot of help. Getting the substances of your system once and for all helps but now you have to get that attitude of gratitude everyone keeps telling you about. If you want to find some gratitude, start by being thankful for where you are, right this moment. It took a lot of hard work to get here so be grateful for it and focus on the beauty of recovery, the hope for now, and the future.

Awe-Inspiring Tips

To feel awe and wonder, it helps to consider what you need to do each and every day to feel the smallest of moments are worth this recovery journey. It can help to do the following:

  • Learn something new each day. Get some enthusiasm by learning a passion and try fun, new, exciting adventures with friends and solo.
  • Find new friends  who will interact with you and help celebrate sobriety milestones. Spend time with friends and learn how to be intentional about who you hang out with.
  • Keep a childlike sense of awe and wonder. The boundless capacity to express joy can really help you focus on what’s important. Adults lose this focus with the daily grind in our faces but you can learn to recapture your imagination and curiosity by focusing on simple things. The more wonder and joy you experience, the more it increases.


Sound Recovery encourages you not to ever lose that sense of wonder. Awe-inspiring moments can happen every day, in small ways. You don’t have to have big leaps to feel you are getting ahead in recovery. Those can happen by doing small things with great intention, little by little. Like building a new foundation, you need the bricks to do it. Let us help supply you with what you need to build that solid foundation and help you experience awe and wonder at life again. Call us to get started: 561-257-3576

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