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Learn About the Little Known Downward Spiral of Trading Addiction
February 6, 2018
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February 8, 2018

When seeking treatment for substance use disorder, there are many therapeutic treatment options. One of them is group therapy, a way to process what has happened, and is presently happening, to aid in recovery. Professional addiction counselors can support people struggling with addiction by sharing the challenges in a group setting. Find out why it has so many benefits.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is when addiction counselors bring together a certain number of people facing similar issues. Within a safe, controlled, therapeutic setting, participants can discuss challenges of addiction with others. The goal of group therapy is to gain a deeper understanding of the disorder, while at the same time giving support to and from others in the group.


Addiction is quite lonely, as is recovery. People stuck in active addiction may feel cut off from others, especially those who may not share the illness. The loneliness perpetuates the cycle with self-medicating and numbing of the pain which brings on more isolation. In a group therapy setting, people find out they are not alone in their struggles. Often they are surprised people understand so well the challenges of addiction. This can build mutual friendships to each person upon which a person can draw inspiration and support from when bigger challenges arise.


People trapped in active addiction often have no one else to share problems with in a healthy way. Venting frustrations helps people discern next steps and too often relationships  have struggled under active behavior so people in recovery must find other ways to communicate with people. Finding a similarly minded group of people can help bridge the gap between life in recovery and what they want by sharing the challenges with others.

Greater Insight

Often, a person cannot find a solution to a problem because they are too close or emotionally involved to see a solutions. Speaking about common issues in front of one’s peers and asking for feedback can provide fresh perspectives a person may never have considered on their own.


Having accountability is key to learning how to be stronger in recovery. The mentality of ‘we are in it together’ knits people together in a way that helps bring accountability and responsibility to the forefront. Mutual responsibility is invaluable.

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