Addiction treatment and therapeutic recovery involve a lot of grief work. Grief is often repressed in many people due to significant losses in their lives. Unable to cope with the pain and many emotional stages of their grief, they turned to drugs and alcohol for coping. Drugs and alcohol can provide solace in difficult times. As analgesics, they numb out the pain, both emotional and physical. Producing dopamine in the brain, drugs and alcohol can bring joy and feelings of happiness in times where there is none. Where there is loneliness, drugs and alcohol can act as a great friend.

One’s relationship with drugs and alcohol becomes intimate overtime. When deciding to get sober and enter treatment for recovery from drugs and alcohol, many face indecision. Giving up substances and choosing to get sober is difficult for many reasons. First, there is the chemical dependency both mental and physical. Second, there is the fear of the unknown and the fear of change. Lastly, there is a sense of loss, as though losing a great love or a best friend. In The isolating moments of addiction, one only had their substances of choice. Saying goodbye to drugs and alcohol is painful as if saying goodbye toa friend moving far away. You’ll never see them again, and will only have memories of how your relationship changed your life.

Grief is different for everyone. As a process, grief goes through varying stages, from anger and depression, to negotiating and acceptance. Sometimes, grief just feels like a process of difficult emotions. From one stage of emotional extremes to the next, grief can be a challenge to process through. Grief does end. Overtime, grief changes. Recovery from addiction is a healing process. Thankfully, grief can be healed.

Tips For Grieving The Loss Of Drugs And Alcohol

Allow sensationalizing for a time: the truth is, there can be really great times with drugs and alcohol. Before things got bad, they might have been really good. It is important to remember the good times and appreciate what good and purpose substances served in your life. However, it is important to let that go and keep sight of the bad times as well. Be gentle with yourself as you move through the phases of grief. It is perfectly normal to experience days of missing drugs and alcohol. Remember you are going through a process. Let yourself be where you are from one stage to the next.

Saying goodbye to addiction is hard. Saying hello to recovery is worth it. Through the treatment programs at Sound Recovery Solutions you will grow through leadership and personal development while healing with clinical therapy and alternative treatmentment methods. For more information, call 561-666-7427.

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