Gratitude for the Mess Can Help You Find the Hidden Beauty

Sometimes in the messiness of life we have a hard time seeing the beauty. It can feel marred by all the distraction and chaos around us. When we are searching for gratitude in the mess, it feels yucky and full of muck like it is hidden, waiting to be found. Once we begin to uncover the beauty, we can finally see that the mess has so much to teach us about ourselves (and life).

Finding Roots

Many people struggle with finding their roots in life. Some call it a life purpose, but anything that grounds us in the present moment and drives us forward is purposeful. When we want to find meaning in life, we search for how we have been rooted and anchored. This can be through faith, spirituality, family, friends, work, relationships, or other things but most people find it through family. Early childhood is a time of great upheaval for some people and, frankly, trauma. If you experience trauma in early childhood, you are more likely to get caught up in addiction or have mental health issues later in life. It can be hard to work past this to find the gratitude hidden beneath the messy layers of our early lives.

Finding Hope

Gratitude is all about finding hope, and holding onto it when things get tough. When we practice gratitude, we are giving thanks for both what was hard and what has been kind to us. Some people spend years trying to escape pain and numb out all the feelings from the past, but it always finds its way back to us. The memories are there, haunting our daily walk and keeping us from finding our purposeful path in life. Hope and gratitude provide healing spaces for us to look deeper into the messy chaos and see the hidden beauty within.


Gratitude can be a healing work in your life if you struggle with addiction. It starts with:

  • Offering gratitude to yourself for your journey then and now
  • Offering gratitude for what it can teach you
  • Seeking strength from the challenges rather than letting them destroy you
  • Finding a way to share your story with others

You may find it healing to join a 12-step group or other similar support system. It may also be healing, at some point, to write a journal or blog (and book) about the experiences and wisdom you’ve gained. It all starts first with gratitude for where the journey has brought you and that you get to breathe another day, another step closer to finding your true path and purpose beyond addiction.

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