Give Daily Spiritual Practices a Try in Recovery

You’re ready for treatment and you’re wondering if you’ll come out as one of those “Yoga People”, because yoga is so commonly offered in treatment for drug addiction.  Considering the many physical and mental benefits of yoga, the answer should be-hopefully!  That doesn’t mean that you have to walk out of treatment in sandals and a flowing robe, it’s more about the weapons for recovery that the principles of yoga can provide.   The basis of Yoga is the Yoga Sutras.  You don’t have to become the next Swami Ramdev.  Adopting some of the 10 principles can be your greatest weapon in your battle against addiction.



This is probably the most important thing you can possess in your journey towards sobriety.  To ensure your recovery, you have to be completely truthful with not only your support system but most importantly yourself.  Addiction can be incredibly deceiving and if you’re not 100% truthful with yourself you can quickly find yourself buying into the lies that addiction tells you every day.



The simplicity of sobriety is extremely profound.  You just stay sober, one day at a time.  Relapse is actually what takes the effort.  The problem starts when you overthink and overanalyze.  You let life’s complexities grow and you stress over the most minute details or even worse, things that are out of your control.  All of a sudden you’ve built these walls that you have to escape.  By simplifying your thought process and focusing on only the truly important things, you reach a place of calm that doesn’t need to be escaped.



This is the principle that you need the most throughout recovery.  Remember the simplicity of sobriety is that all you have to do is remain sober.  The challenge comes in having the self-discipline to do that when every part of your body is telling you they’re not a fan of how you currently are.  That is how addiction works.  You seek out drugs or alcohol to change the way that you feel about yourself, even though the drugs and alcohol change nothing.  You can be armed with the mastery of every tool in existence and you will still fail if you don’t have the self-discipline to put those tools to use.



This is the principle that can be your biggest asset in sobriety: being satisfied with what you have.  Contentment is where you find the beauty in the present moment, the tranquility in a sober mind, or the lesson in a negative emotion.  By not only accepting things as they are but actually being satisfied with them, you completely remove the need to escape.


So while you may not have to camel pose your way out of treatment, the principles of Yoga can be great tools for your sobriety.  On the bright side, yoga pants are super comfortable.


Yoga is a proven tool for benefiting the mind, the body, and the spirit. Sound Recovery Solutions is committed to building leaders in recovery through partial care programs founded in personal development and leadership training. If you are struggling, there is still a hope for you. Call us today for information: 561-277-3088

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