Adjusting to a new life after treatment takes a lot of hard work and time. Recovery is a life-long process and there will always be a risk of relapse.

It’s one of the gifts of recovery. Going back to work is something everyone is eventually prepared to do in their recovery. While some people dive back into the workforce, others start with a part time job to get used to working again.  

You choose if you want to talk about it or not

Thanks to some handy laws that have been passed in recent years, your workplace can’t fire you based on discrimination for the fact that you’re an addict in recovery. If you disclose the fact that you’re in recovery to them, they can’t tell you you aren’t hireable or fire you. You are capable of meeting all the responsibilities of the job you’re applying for (you should be, if you’re applying for it) so there is no reason to discuss it otherwise. However, in early recovery, there are tough days. You might need to take an extra break, take a mental health day, or schedule your work hours in a way that allows you to meet with your therapist, go to meetings, or attend after care at your treatment program. If you want to disclose your recovery, that is up to you. There are some benefits.

Be a source of information

People are ridiculously uninformed when it comes to mental health and mental wellbeing. You can be a beacon of hope and a source of information. Move past the stigma and shame of addiction and what people think of addiction. You’re not addicted anymore and you aren’t actively using. Rather than be haunted by your past, or be defined by it, be empowered by it. Millions of people every day struggle to choose sobriety overactive addiction. You made the choice to choose sobriety, recovery, and a total lifestyle change. If people want to know what it was like, tell them. Make sure to also tell them what it was like to get sober, and what it is like to work hard to stay sober today. Remember, experience, strength, and hope.

Encourage recovery-friendly practices

You don’t have to be a tattle-tale but you do have to be honest. Substance abuse in the workplace threatens your job and it threatens others. You can also be on the lookout for mental health issues as well. While you can’t fix, control, or save everyone or everything, you can suggest some pro-mental health and pro-recovery changes for your workplace as well.

Take It One Day At A Time

Work only happens one shift or workday at a time. Your recovery only happens one day at a time. Try to stay out of the future by staying connected to the present. Practice mindfulness and meditation as part of your work day to stay grounded in the moment and keep your mind on task.


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