Try Some Indoor Rock Climbing to Kick Addiction to the Curb
Try Some Indoor Rock Climbing to Kick Addiction to the Curb
December 12, 2018
Benadryl is Not as Harmless as You May Think
Benadryl is Not as Harmless as You May Think
December 17, 2018

One of the hardest things to do in sobriety is to find out who you are without substances running your life. Getting in alignment with your true self (sober) is hard after being the life of the party or being the person everyone used to think was so much fun while out drinking or using drugs. People’s personalities change significantly under the influence so it seems they are different to their natural self. The truth is, their true self is underneath all the substances, tempers, and poor decisions. Learning to live into that person is easier than people think, with a little help to get there.

A Different View

Observations about people’s personalities under the influence and sober have been examined over time. Researchers have looked at how people are seen by outside observers. From the outside, people appeared extraverted and outgoing. Those perceptions can fuel how a person lives into that persona in that moment. It also matters how they perceive themselves. If they view themselves as being more extraverted when drinking, they are more likely to drink to be well-liked or perceived a certain way. Being true to one’s own personality is much harder under the influence of substances, especially when they chemically alter how a person thinks, feels, and reacts to people and circumstances around themselves.

Finding Truth

Alcohol may be changing a person’s personality as much as drugs can do the same. However, people use substances for all kinds of reasons. Whether or not substances reduce inhibitions or ramp up already existing emotions, it is important to keep one thing in mind. People have to live with whatever they choose to portray. A person under the influence can still have some measure of control over their choices with some help in learning why they use, how to stop, and ways to live more fully into who they are while sober. Some tips to help get into better self alignment:

  • Admit the need for help
  • Seek support for both psychological and physical effects of addiction
  • Find therapists to help navigate old wounds, trauma, and other issues to begin the healing journey
  • Seek forgiveness and letting go of the past to live more fully in the present
  • Find a place that provides help for addiction and seek community support groups
  • Find hobbies and activities to do with sober friends
  • Try meditation and yoga that help focus on the present moment

Getting into alignment with your true nature is important if you are to stay sober and clean. It means seeking out ways to become more like yourself and honoring who you are in this moment as just one more step forward in the healing journey of recovery.

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