Get Ready for Some (Sober) Summer Fun

Finally summer season has peeked its head around the corner. There are parties, sunsets, barbecues, and lots of excitement happening. That is a lot to cram into just a few months, which is why people tend to overdo it (drinking, partying) and end up feeling pressured to keep up with friends enjoying the summer lifestyle. Learn some tips to keep yourself sober this summer while still having fun.

Get with the Program

Regardless of where you end up in recovery, step up your program a notch or three. Connect with others and make sure you are not alone too much when heading into social settings. Check out different meetings, greet new people, broaden your horizons, and open doors to possibility. There will be sober activities like camping, rafting, kayaking, parties, and events to attend where there is no alcohol or drugs. Find sober companions to hang with and you’ll be sure to have lots of fun in the summer sun.

Pump Up the Vitamin D

One of the best parts of summer is all the sunshine. Even if you live where the sun shines often, you will appreciate the consistently warm days and mellow attitude of summer. Vitamin D helps your brain create positive neural connections to keep your mind sharp and positive. It also enhances the appearance of your skin, giving you a nice summer glow.

Opt Outside

Whether you already like to be active or just want to start a new routine, summer is the time to get fit. Head out into the sun for a jog, experience a new activity with friends or simply find some trails and go walking in nature. There may even be outdoor yoga or activities that are new to try, where you can practice mindfulness and meet new (sober) friends.


Summer is the time to celebrate all that has taken place in the last year. Fall and winter are times of loosening the previous year’s shackles and moving into a low season of contemplation and quietness. Celebrate all the victories you have had this year with a barbecue, picnic, or join up with others hosting a party. Sharing with others is a big gift and each day of sobriety deserves to be celebrated with sober friends.

Enjoyment of summer is all about being grateful for abundance. Abundance of sun, good weather, and fair weather friends. The friends who stuck with you when you were at your lowest, and help pull you up when you feel down. Those friends are the ones you want to hit up for a sober party, dinner out on the patio, or strolls through the park. Embrace the people and experiences you enjoy that bring richness to your life. That is what summer is all about: cultivating a space of joy and gratitude for all you have been given and the opportunity to celebrate sobriety one more day.

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