Find More Ways to Be Positive in Recovery

Try These 5 Ways to Have More Fun in Recovery
Try These 5 Ways to Have More Fun in Recovery
November 1, 2018
Why Shame Does Not Get the Last Word
Why Shame Does Not Get the Last Word
November 5, 2018

Feeling discouraged about health, addiction recovery, and sobriety can place a toll on anyone’s mental health over time. Feeling stuck or unfulfilled is no fun, either. Being positive in recovery takes some work but is worth pursuing for the sake of recovery.

What is Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a newer branch of psychology that looks at happiness factors to discover how people can live lives that are more fulfilling. It helps people recognize strengths and notice more positive emotions and experiences. These tips or strategies are not intended to solve all the problems or cure depression but rather be a reminder of little things a person can do to create more positive energy and emotional well-being.

Daily Life

There are many ways to incorporate feeling more positive about life and recovery into daily life. This can include myriad things like:

  • Gratitude. Finding something to be happy about and grateful for can begin by journaling or speaking to someone about feeling grateful. Prayer, writing thank you notes and spending time in nature are all positive ways to say ‘thanks.’
  • A sense of humor. Laughter is good medicine and research confirms it may even reduce physical pain, improve mood, and counteract stress. Finding something to laugh about is healthy for the soul.
  • Smiling. It turns out smiling is not just something for holiday elves who always seem to be quite content with life. The simple act of smiling can shift a person’s mood from negative to positive. It can reduce stress, make you more likeable and even help you appear more competent as a person.
  • Visualize success. Another way to stay motivated and think positively is to visualize yourself acting in new ways. Paint a mental picture of yourself completing your big work assignment and giving a presentation confidently. Tune into details and visualize success and what it looks like for you.
  • Self-compassion. Most people are hard on themselves and that does not shift all that much in recovery.  By fixating on and amplifying mistakes and flaws, we train ourselves to focus on the negatives. This damages self-esteem and can interfere with our ability to enjoy positive experiences and events in life. Treating ourselves with kindness and graces allows us to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of life’s challenges.

Sound Recovery realizes there are challenges to every recovery program but the main thing is to focus on finding what is good about recovery for you.  We are here to guide you through the steps to recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, let us help. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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