How to Fight the Fog of Depression (and Win)

The ability to think clearly and focus on positive activities and thoughts can be difficult for someone fighting depression. It is often described by people as a fog, or fuzzy thinking, with long lasting periods of sadness. Healing depression can take focus and determination to just ask for help. When you fight back against the fog, you are letting it know it can’t win.

Standing Up

The main thing to understand about depression is that it feels like trudging through mud and muck just to get out of bed every day. Recognition of the signs depression is hanging overhead can be helpful, but learning what steps to take next is crucial to moving up and out of the fog.


  • Recognize something’s changed. During the initial period of awareness, you may not understand completely about the changes but something isn’t normal. This is the first step to seeking help.
  • Write about the depression. Proactive management of the differences is helpful. When you look back and notice how you were six months ago versus today, some marked changes may have occurred. Once you analyze and address these feelings it can help focus on the underlying causes of what’s going on.
  • Seek help. Sometimes you are noticing another person’s demeanor and behavior changing. The best action you can take is to make sure they seek help. If you are in distress, it may be harder, but not impossible, to seek help for yourself. Make a plan to have someone else help in case you can’t; a trusted loved one or confidant is the perfect person to assist you if and when you need it.
  • Disclose feelings. Let someone know how you feel. Find a trusted partner, family member, or someone else to confide in about your issues. Whatever it may be, don’t feel ashamed. Once you release those feelings, the pressure may also finally release which helps you decompress from the mental, emotional, and physical distress.
  • Don’t give up. If you feel like you’ve been trying to seek help and it hasn’t worked–don’t give up! Keep trying to reach out where needed to find a way to combat any feelings of low self esteem, negative self worth, or depression. You are not alone and people care about you.


Reaching out for help may feel overwhelming at first but you are able to get where you need to go once you recognize that something’s shifted and you need help. Let go of worry about other people’s opinions and focus on yourself. You are not alone in dealing with depression. Many people struggle and fight against it every day. This realization can give your life purpose and a reason not to give up when it feels hard. People are out there ready to support you wherever the journey takes you next.


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