1What is the difference between Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient?
Partial Hospitalization is frequently used as a “step down” program for clients who have been discharged from a hospital/detox program with a history of relapse and remain at a high risk for relapse. The Sound Recovery Solutions PHP is designed to stabilize and monitor during their early stages of recovery. Clients are required to attend 5 days of treatment per week, submit to random drug screenings and attend AA/NA meetings daily. Sound Recovery Solutions offers community housing for all clients enrolled in the PHP program. The typical length of stay in the PHP program is 2-4 weeks. Intensive Outpatient is frequently used as a “step down” program for those who have completed the Sound Recovery Solutions PHP program and/or clients coming directly from completing an inpatient program. The major focus is relapse prevention and life skills. Clients are required to attend 9 hours per week/3 days weekly of treatment, submit to random drug screenings and attend AA/NA meetings regularly, and be employed/actively looking for employment. .Sound Recovery Solutions offers community housing for those clients in need of residence. The program duration can be customized to each client’s needs but the typical length of enrollment is 8-10 weeks.
2Will I be required to go to AA Meetings?
Yes. As a Partial Hospitalization client you are required to attend 1 meeting a day. Transportation is available. All Intensive Outpatient clients are expected to attend regular AA/NA meetings and have a sponsor.
3How much will it cost?
Sound Recovery Solutions accepts health insurance and will also offer financial assistance and payment plans on a case by case basis.
4Will I be required to do urine and breathalyzer testing?
Yes. Sound Recovery Solutions requires complete abstinence of all alcohol, drug and mind altering substances. Regular urine analysis and breathalyzing are administered to detect any traces of these substances.
5Where are you located?
Sound Recovery Solution’s clinical building is conveniently located at 2512 N Federal Highway Suite 105 Delray Beach, FL 33483
6Do you accept health insurance? If so what insurance companies do you accept?
Yes, we accept out-of-network benefits from most major insurance companies such as: Aetna, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, Humana etc. For more information on call Sound Recovery Solutions at 561-475-4432 today.
7What should I expect while I am at Sound Recovery Solutions?
Sound Recovery Solutions offers a Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP/Day Treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program, and an Outpatient Program as well as community housing.
8How do I know if I need treatment for substance abuse?
Determining whether you need treatment for a drug & alcohol addiction is based upon factors in your own personal life. For each person the symptoms of addiction may vary, but generally if your life is unmanageable and you are unable to stop using on your own, seeking help is the best option. Continued use despite negative consequences is the ultimate sign you need treatment for substance abuse.
9Is Sound Recovery Solutions licensed?
Sound Recovery Solutions is currently licensed by the Florida Department of Children & Families.