Recovery isn’t a promise of perfection, but progress. Sometimes, you progress more slowly than others. In the height of a struggle it can be hard to tell if the wheels are moving forward. These are some suggestions for making the best out of a ride on the struggle bus until you finally hop off.

“Fake It ‘Till You Make It”

Authenticity is important for recovery. You’re learning not to pretend about how you feel anymore in order to more authentically connect to your emotions. Sometimes, you have to put on a little bit of an act. Faking it until you “make it” isn’t about lying and pretending, but stepping into the role of where you want to ideally be. For example, if you’re struggling now, you likely don’t want to be struggling tomorrow. What would it look like to be on the other side of your struggle? Play that role and you might forget you were struggling at all.

Surround Yourself With Other Strugglers

You are never alone in your struggles. Moments of despair can feel very lonely, as if you are the only person on the entire planet who could be feeling and experiencing what you are. Fortunately, it’s a big world! Though someone else’s experience might not be precisely what you are going through down to the last detail, it is probably you can find some solidarity in someone else’s struggle. If for nothing else, you and some friends can recognize that the struggle is real, but together, you’ll get through it all.

Do Something Fun

However begrudgingly you have to have fun, trudge yourself through it. Laughter yoga proves that forcing yourself to laugh induces authentic laughter, which helps heart health, mental health, and physical health. Having fun is good for you, especially during times when fun feels impossible. Do something goofy with friends, watch a funny movie, or play a game to get the laughter going. During times of struggle, happiness, laughter, and fun can remind you that everything is still good on the outside of this moment.

Stay Present

Dreading the future or looking longingly toward the past of a better time takes you away from being in the present moment. Nothing makes the struggle worse than fighting against it. Struggling against the struggle is a recipe for misery. Not every day in recovery will be sunshine and rainbows, but on those cloudy days, you don’t have to bring in any extra storm clouds. Stay present and mindful in order to keep pushing forward through the struggle. Hang in there, it will be over soon!


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