Don’t Let Unemployment Derail Recovery

Making a decision to enter recovery for addiction is never easy. Perhaps there are consequences to addiction that lead to hitting rock bottom. There may be other difficulties that come up and cause unemployment to pop up in recovery. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to work around this challenge so it does not discourage forward momentum in recovery.

Finding a Career

Sometimes choices made in the throes of addiction lead to career challenges besides unemployment. It may mean finding not only a new job, but an entirely new sector of work that will hire people with a criminal background (or less than stellar work history). Even if it is not something an individual is passionate about, rather than be discouraged, it may be better to take a job that does not ask too many questions and just pays the bills for now. This can help people reclaim a sense of gratitude, build rapport, and begin sharing more of those gifts that may lead to new doors opening.

Don’t Give Up

It takes determination and focus to keep pounding the employment pavement once a career hits the skids. Giving up is not the best option. Sitting around at home, dwelling on what happened, can lead to loneliness, feelings of shame, and, ultimately, even relapse. Giving into negative thoughts about the past will not help the present or future. Getting up off the ground, dusting off, and finding a way forward will provide the most open doors to a better future career.

Ask for Help

There are many professionals out there who work with organizations designed to support people in transition with employment who also have a history of addiction and recovery. Finding the right kind of help can boost chances of finding a job that may suit those skills, but also help build new ones. The best kind of help includes:

  • Resume building
  • Learning computer skills
  • Seeking new places to get hired outside of the previous job sector
  • Opening new doors
  • Career counseling and skills assessments

The best way forward is to take one step at a time. Being unemployed is difficult, but it is also hard to realize that perhaps the unemployment came as a result of addictive behavior in the first place. Don’t let the old blame and shame game drag down chances at finding a job. Work can be fulfilling and provide a way to meet people, get out of the box, and seek new pathways of exploring opportunities outside of thinking about addiction recovery all the time. Work can even be fun and enjoyable, provided the environment is right.

Getting outside the box can be difficult. There are many challenges to consider when seeking employment opportunities. There are no defined ways to find work but we are here to support you getting on the pathway to recovery, which can increase the likelihood of your finding fruitful and enjoyable work opportunities in the future. Call us at 561-277-3088 to get started.

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