Decompress and Destress: 5 More Ways of Getting Mindful

getting mindful

Staying present is becoming a scientific fact for living a more fulfilling life. Today’s modern world is becoming busier. Time and technology are becoming synchronous, making time a precious commodity. To save time, technology has streamlined almost every necessary activity. From therapy to grocery shopping; from paying bills to getting an education; from setting an alarm to starting your car; everything can be done online and/or through a smart device. Efficient and connected, it can become difficult to remember we are still human beings, not machines.

Drinking and using took years of our life away from living in the now. Disconnected from real-time in blurs of binges and blackouts, we missed large portions of our own lives. In recovery, it can be easy to pick up one time gap for another by way of our technological devices and busy lives. We’ve worked hard to gain back our sense of presence in life. However, we also earned the right to get caught up in the flow of living life fully. Being extremists, we learn to create balance. Mindfulness is an ever growing practice. These new tools are productive additions to your toolbox.


Don’t Wake and Scroll

Since cellphones are the new alarm clocks, it is easy to hit snooze and unlock the phone. Waking up to a wealth of app choices and options, we tend to opt for social media and email. Instead, start your day with a positive visualization of what is to come. Set an intention for the day and work toward that goal. There will be challenges. By preparing yourself in a positive way, you’ll roll with the punches and shrug them off with ease.


Put the phone down for a while

Throughout the day, take time away from your smart devices. You’re pretty smart yourself, you know. Take a walk, meditate, or participate in some kind of activity that doesn’t require a device. The fear of missing out is real. Missing out on life is much scarier than missing a text, call, email, or status update.


Be of Service

Today’s world can be self-centered and not always in a good way. Mindfulness is a great practice for ourselves. It can also be applied to others. Be present in the presence of others and find numerous opportunities to be of service. Your actions can be as simple as holding the door open, letting people pass you on the highway, or buying someone’s coffee. For recovery, reach out to a newcomer, offer your phone number to someone struggling, or call an old recovery friend. Being of service helps us get out of ourselves, putting us right in the present moment.



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