It’s (Sort of) Normal to Feel Anxious in Recovery
It’s (Sort of) Normal to Feel Anxious in Recovery
October 30, 2017
Why the Internet May Not Be Your Friend in Recovery
Why the Internet May Not Be Your Friend in Recovery
November 2, 2017

When someone says they are awe-inspired, it can mean many things. The beauty of nature inspires many things, especially creative inspiration. Awe and wonder are not just mystic, magical terms but can be a great source of happiness if you are able to tap its potential. Here’s why you may feel happier when you feel inspired.

Time Bender

Your experience of awe and wonder can alter the perception of time. Instead of being in the past, hooked on old feelings and habits that did not work for you with addiction, you can be fully present right here and now. You are more likely to feel creative and happy when you experience awe and get connected to the present.

Creative Inspiration

Works of art, natural landscapes, poetry, and plays are all ways to up your creative inspiration. Joy comes in many forms but to get really happy you just have to show up for life. Seeing images and landscapes that captivate your wildest dreams is one of the best ways to capture that creative inspiration and bottle it up.


Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when being inspired or creative? That’s because it gives you a sense of hope, for things to be better than they were. It’s a form of ‘existential therapy’ to share in monumental inspiring experiences.

Get Grounded

Nature is the greatest resource you have in recovery and it can bring you full circle back to yourself. Spend time in nature for massive health benefits such as a calm mind and lower stress, but don’t forget it can also inspire peace and joy. Vitamin D levels increase and the sense of wonder and amazement can bring profound ease to your everyday existence, no matter what is going on around you.

Being inspired creatively is just the beginning of true happiness. Finding your hope in recovery is the key to a long lasting peace which will resonate for the journey’s ebb and flow over time.


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