The Cost Of Heroin Addiction In The United States

The Cost Of Heroin Addiction In The United States

Heroin addiction is costly. Being a heroin addict costs money. Getting treatment for heroin addiction costs money. Heroin, a risky and potentially fatal addiction, can cost a life. What many don’t realize about addiction to heroin is the greater cost. Addiction does not happen in a singular way, meaning, though it is just one person who develops addiction in their life, everyone is affected. From immediate family members to coworkers and even the government, the cost of heroin addiction is widespread. Employees who don’t show up to work, cost their employers money. Employees who do show up to work but don’t perform well or get hurt on the job because they are high on heroin also cost their employers money. Heroin addiction can contribute to social costs, governmental costs, and less tangible costs. For example, heroin addiction costs people time, their security, their trust, and sometimes their faith.

According to new research conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago, the United States suffered a cost of more than $51 billion in 2015 due to heroin use. The year 2015 was one of the worst for heroin use. Over 52,000 people were estimated to have died of opioid overdose that year, illustrating the severity of opioid addiction, which includes heroin addiction. Compared to the last 20 years, heroin use has hit an all time high. The more people getting high on heroin in America, the higher the cost is becoming.


What Heroin Costs YOU

Most people don’t come to heroin addiction out of interest and excitement. With the knowledge of how addictive and dangerous heroin can be, many stay away from heroin for a long period of time. Often, it is out of a desperate need that they seek heroin out. Having developed a tolerance to other drugs, like prescription opiate painkillers, they reach for heroin. Heroin is arguably the most powerful drug. An analgesic by nature, relieving pain, and causing a deep state of euphoria, for people who are “climbing” the addiction “ladder” heroin is often the last step. What they exchange for their high is their life.

Heroin costs you your dignity. Heroin can cost you plenty of money, your safety, and your self-respect. Heroin will cost you your health, your veins, your nose, your hygiene, and your ability to function. Heroin can cost you a limb. Heroin can cost you everything that you’ve ever owned and everything that you’ve ever known. Most importantly, heroin will cost you your life. Overdose on heroin is reversible with drugs, but not by control.


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