Communication Skills: Don’t Use Periods While Texting

Communication Skills: Don’t Use Periods While Texting

We’ve seen it happen. Someone says, “Ok” and it means, okay. Someone says, “Ok.” and there is an impending sense of doom. We are suddenly falling down a spiral of insecurity, paranoia, and despair. What did we say wrong? Are they angry with us? Did we do something to upset them? Texting has become a normal method of communication. The written word can be hard to decipher in the digital age. Especially since texting is such a fluid form of conversation, some of it’s nuances can be difficult to understand. For example, are you supposed to say goodbye or “talk to you later” at the end of a text message? There is no official guideline for communication skills via texting, but discoveries are being made.

The period got a bad rep in texting out of laziness. By sheer omission, the period became superfluous. As a result, when it is present and being utilized, it represents finality almost too extremely. Whereas the ellipses, the three periods in a row, indicate a continuation of communication, the period put things to an absolute halt. Essentially, the period asserts “end of conversation.”

Don’t Use Periods While Texting

People tend to find short sentences that end with a period to be insincere, along with indicating anger. Contributing to The Conversation, Lauren Collister investigates that insincerity factor in communication. Through her research she discovered that situational code switching is a psychology term for how we change our language depending on our situation. It is likely we wouldn’t talk to our treatment program directors the same way we would talk to our buddies at a twelve step meeting. When language seems out of place it seems insincere. Insincerity makes people upset and makes people think that others are upset. The formality of the period seems out of place for the casual conversation that occurs in a text message. When people go out of their way to use a period, we often see it as intentional. Which, it often is.

Through recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we learn a lot about communication. We are learning how to articulately communicate our emotions, needs, wants, and fears. Not only are we discovering how to do that for ourselves, but also how to communicate with others. Communication is the key to understanding in relationships. When all else fails in a texting conversation, pick up the phone and call.

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