Alcoholism can come with a certain sense of invincibility for a period of time. The way alcohol produces dopamine in the brain makes you feel good. In fact, it makes you feel really good. That’s why the brain becomes dependent upon alcohol. The brain likes to feel good. In fact, the brain likes to feel really good. Feeling on top of the world, full of liquid confidence, tons of dopamine pumping through the brain, it’s easy to think there couldn’t be anything wrong with this. Sure, you’ve heard all the warnings and cautionary tales about drinking too much. It’s not as if you’re going to drink this way forever, so what could the harm really be? You tend to experience that when you get a hangover. You could be one of the lucky few people who don’t experience a hangover, or maybe you’ve learned to take the precautions to prevent one. When you wake up the next day dehydrated, achey, a throbbing headache, sensitivity to smell, sight, and sound, you might realize alcohol isn’t that good for you. If you get alcohol poisoning and become sick, even to the point of needing to be hospitalized, you might realize that alcohol isn’t that good for you. When you become chemically dependent upon alcohol, noticing that you’re getting the shakes and the sweats, unable to get out of bed without drinking a considerable amount of alcohol just to find stability, you realize alcohol isn’t that good for you. You also realize, you might have done a number to yourself with alcohol.

Alcohol Can Destroy Your Stomach

Alcohol isn’t something the stomach enjoys digesting. Considered an inflammatory, alcohol can cause gastritis. Ever wonder why people belch so much when they’re drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages? The lining of the stomach becomes inflamed, irritating the rest of the stomach. A few burps and belches may seem harmless until they cause ulcers and bleeding in the stomach. Overtime, alcohol kills gut bacteria which has been linked to mental health. Alcoholism is often a dual diagnosis with other mental health issues.

Alcohol Can Ruin Your Liver

The liver filters alcohol so it doesn’t completely poison the rest of the body. When alcohol is being consumed in large quantities, it is hard for the liver to continue functioning properly. Undergoing a level of distress, the liver weakens. Chronic alcoholism and alcohol abuse ruin the liver until it cannot work anymore or becomes completely diseased and cancerous.

Alcohol Puts Your Heart At Risk

Inflammation is the number one issue with alcohol abuse because inflammation can cause problems in the heart and other areas of the body. An inflamed heart can lead to heart disease and heart failure. Research has shown that just one night of binge drinking puts you at greater risk for heart failure.


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