Break the Cycle of Slacking Off at Work with These Tips

Break the Cycle of Slacking Off at Work with These Tips

Slacking off at work is nothing new. Many people take mini breaks throughout the day to catch up on gossip at the water cooler, check their phones or email, and just embrace distraction from doing their job. Some experts believe some amount of slacking off may make you a better employee but it can also cause stress and zap useful energy needed for work tasks. Follow these tips to help you get started on breaking the habit of slacking off too much at work.

Start a New Habit

The biggest way to prevent yourself from slacking off is to start a new habit, right now. The inability to see a problem exists is always the biggest hurdle to making change. Once you accept you need to change, you are ready to move forward. If you are looking to increase efficiency at work and be more productive, these five steps are a great starting point:

Reset the Goal

Before addiction kicked in, you had no way of knowing what your goals were. The main focus was on seeking whatever substance you were craving rather than focusing on future goals. Sobriety and recovery provide profound opportunities to turn your life around and move forward with some ambition. Re-establish those goals and develop strategies to meet them. Find an accountability partner if it helps you stay on track.

Baby Steps

No addiction is conquered in a day. Recovery is a journey built on baby steps, the little movements towards success. Whatever you resolve to do will happen with little steps. The day may seem tedious, but if you remain focused on a larger goal, it can help you cope effectively and build towards a sustainable goal.

Set Reminders

Every goal is attached to some level of satisfaction. Picture the accomplishment you want and what will motivate you to attain the goal. Hang pictures of people or quotes that motivate you and bring joy. A goal may feel tedious or challenging but should never feel like drudgery. You need something to look forward to at the end when you meet the goal.

Add Excitement

Work environment is everything. Your performance and ability at work can be drastically changed by just making little tweaks to your desk and work space. If you want to accept bigger changes, make smaller ones first to beat the demon of slacking off.

Distractions Must Go

Games, gossip, and friendships are okay in moderation but ultimately will distract you from work. Cutting them off at a certain point will help you break the cycle of slacking off. Discard the distractions that most affect your performance and get your brain to settle in on the task at hand.

Little improvements go a long way. Work towards something positive everyday that will hit that larger goal. Slacking off will no longer feel as important to do when you know it distracts from the ultimate goal.

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