The Basics For Mindfulness Meditation

Comfortable Position

Sitting in a comfortable position is about more than relaxing during a meditation. You want your body to be in harmony for your devoted meditation time. Finding a comfortable position while allow you to focus on your breath and your thoughts instead of how uncomfortable you are. Finding either a seated position or lying down is common.


Start to Breathe Normally

Breathing is the most important part of living. We need breath to survive. Many times throughout the day we breathe in such a shallow manner that we hardly breathe at all. Mindfulness pays attention to the breath as a means for focusing and bringing more oxygen into the body. Start to put your focus on your breathe. Notice the way it comes in and out, the rising and falling of the chest, the way it feels cold when you inhale and warm when you exhale.


Shift Your Focus To Your Environment

Pay attention to the environment around you. What do you hear? What do you see? Try not to take any of it too seriously, but just notice it.


Shift Your Focus To Your Body

Next, tune into your physical form. Our bodies take on a lot of emotional stress. You can notice where your body holds on to tension, tightness, or soreness. See if you can relax any of those areas as you continue to deepen your breathing.


Shift Your Focus To Your Mind

Now that you’re aware of your physical environment it is time to move onto your internal mental environment. As you focus on your breathing, try to notice what thoughts are coming up. Your mind might be racing or maybe you don’t have too much going on. Whatever thoughts come up, just look at them.


Slowly Let Your Thoughts Go

After you notice your thoughts, try to just let them go. You can imagine your thought as a leaf falling off a tree and flying away in the wind, or as balloons floating into the sky. Some imagine their thoughts coming up on a piece of paper, then crumpling it and letting it go.


Focus On The Breath

If your thoughts start to get too busy or you notice you’re not paying attention to your breath anymore, bring your attention back to your breath. One way to look at meditation is like scuba diving or snorkeling.  You have to focus on using the devices you’ve been given to breathe in a very specific way. Underwater, you have a certain kind of silence, as you focus on your breathing and observe the world around you. This is the same as meditation, only your observing the inner world of your mind and soul.


Bring Your Focus Back To Your Body

After a period of time, bring your focus back to your physical body. You might notice how you haven’t noticed your body for the last few minutes. Leaving your mind, start to wiggle your fingers and toes to settle back into your physical form.


Bring Your Focus Back To Your Mind

Now, shift the focus back to your mind. You should notice a change. Your mind should feel more at ease, relaxed, and calm.


Bring Your Focus Back To Your Environment

Opening your eyes, look back around at the world. Does it seem different in any way? As you go through your day, notice how different you feel as part of your world.

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