America Has A Drinking Problem

America Has A Drinking Problem

New research published in JAMA Psychiatry  has found scientifically what many of us already suspected anecdotally: America has a drinking problem. When you consider the magnitude of Alcohol’s presence in American culture, the fact isn’t so shocking. Americans like to drink. Alcohol companies which embody the “American” spirit spend hundreds of billions of dollars on advertisements. Everything has a logo with an alcohol brand on it. Some “American” activities are practically synonymous with alcohol. Going to the beach? There will be a beach hut selling tropical drinks and beer. Going to a sporting event? Alcohol. Going to a theater production? Alcohol. Going for coffee? Starbucks has put in multiple applications to be able to serve alcohol in their coffee. Americans like to drink. Americans like to drink so much, that Americans are more addicted to alcohol today than they have been in recent years. One in eight Americans is an alcoholic. One in eight Americans is not a binge drinker, a party drinker, or even just a drinker. One in eight Americans is a full blown, chemically dependent, alcoholic. If you have ten friends you consider close, there’s a chance at least one of them will be or already is an alcoholic. There’s a good chance you’re the alcoholic friend.

To make the startling realization, two long term surveys were conducted, the most recent survey taking place from 2012 to 2013. Data revealed that drinking has increased for everyone, with some populations increasing more than others. Women, for example, are having an especially hard time with alcohol. Older populations are having a hard time with alcohol as well. A few different studies have indicated that it isn’t necessarily the elderly populations for whom there should be concern, but the baby boomer generation who account for the majority of alcohol related emergency room visits.


Other ways America is getting drunk

Alcoholism increased by 50% percent. That means 50% percent more people who are clinically diagnosable with alcohol use disorder. High-risk drinking increased by 30%. According to the study, high-risk drinking is any kind of drinking which can have a serious impact on the health of the drinker. For many people, their normal drinking could be considered high risk.


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