Alternative Treatment Methods For Treating Addiction

Alcoholism and addiction take a significant toll on both the mind and the body. Eastern medicinal practices are founded in holistic belief that the two are interconnected. The body’s nerve system is the communication highway between the brain and the body. Signals from the brain dictate the body’s movements and functions. Vice versa, signals from the body inform the brain how to react. For example, the brain might tell the body to walk. If the body walks right into a wall, the body will tell the brain, “That really hurt. We’re in pain!”

Alternative Treatments

Relation between the brain and the body go much deeper when it comes to emotions. Emotions are stored in the body. Many feel that by ignoring a feeling it simply goes away. Life and all of its experiences are energy. When we neglect to let that energy pass completely, it gets backed up throughout our body. Alternative treatment methods such as massage, chiropractic work, and acupuncture seek to release those emotion storing centers, thereby releasing emotions.

Emotional Processing

Emotional release is a challenge but a necessity in addiction treatment. Without being able to confront, process, and let go of certain emotions and emotional experiences, a young person in treatment will find himself struggling to progress. Sound Recovery Solutions provides alternative treatment methods as a supplement to our clinical programming. We believe that the body healing methods provide a wealth of benefits.


In addition to help clients release emotions, alternative treatment methods are relaxing. During the early stages of alternativerecovery when our clients come to us, they are still within weeks of detox. Symptoms of withdrawal can be ongoing for up to two years with heavy addiction to substances such as opiates. Massage, for example, helps increase circulation and relax muscles which inherently reduces stress. Acupuncture as well as massage can act as detoxifying practices, breaking up toxins in the body and helping stagnant free radicals process out of the body.

Each of the alternative treatment methods offered at Sound Recovery Solutions involves human touch. We have found that healing touch is a significant tool in recovery for young men and women being treated for drug addiction and alcoholism. Men and women who come to our program have had complicated, abusive, and traumatic experiences in their lives which have separated them from intimacy. Trusting one’s body to the hands of healing practitioner is a healing experience in and of itself. Alternative treatment methods teach our clients that it is okay to be taken care of and to take care of oneself.

Healing is the goal at Sound Recovery Solutions. We strive to provide a comprehensive program which instills leadership quality and practical life skills into our clients. Sound Recovery Solutions provides day treatment partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. For more information on how we can help you or a loved one in your life begin to heal today, call us at 561-666-7427.