What Do Attachment Styles Have to Do with Addiction? Turns Out, Plenty

Addiction recovery is a time for major change: finding a new routine, learning to cope with stress in healthy ways, and rebuilding relationships. It can be a lonely, long road. Sobriety is not a guarantee life will get easier but you don’t have to do it alone. Finding a companion animal to spend time with can be just the thing you need to boost your recovery.

The Benefits

A true companion animal is one who will be there with you through thick and thin, one whom you rescue that is your savior and partner in crime. No matter what you do in the human world, this animal will always provide unconditional support and love without judgment. The truth is, even if he did care, he would still be there for you.  Owning a pet can really help in myriad ways, including:

  • Support consistent routine and stability
  • Help with sleeping patterns
  • Create a space of obligation to care for the pet
  • Builds confidence in a productive way of aligning yourself to what the pet needs and fulfilling that need

Caring for Others

Learning to care for a helpless creature can provide an important sense of purpose and direction. If you feel unfulfilled or unsure where you are headed, the pet may give you a reason to get up every day. The pet needs your help every day to eat and play. In return, you get self-confidence hits and learn to care about yourself and for others as well.

Keeps You Active

A companion animal can keep you active if you exercise with the pet. Motivation is key to making any changes in life so a dog can really help but so can a lizard or an iguana. Any pet you choose can help you exercise and move, which is a reason to get out of bed everyday even when things are hard.


Perhaps a great challenge to people in sobriety is learning to socialize again. Substances may have been a part of your past life but now you are overcoming challenges in sobriety to find clean, healthy hobbies. Going to the dog park, chatting with others, meeting other pets and people can ease stress and loneliness of sobriety. Pets are a great icebreaker as well.

Companion animals provide emotional support and even have healing effects. You can tell a joke to a pet and they will listen. The animal will pay attention to your energy and needs and be there for you even when others fail you. This can feel comforting in recovery.

Rescue animals are a great way to help give a pet a home who needs it but also to give someone who had a rough start a new beginning–just like yourself. Someone believed in you so you began to thrive. Now you can do the same for an animal, which is a beautiful, wonderful, example of how to live life in recovery.

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