About Us

While learning about the disease of addiction is an essential aspect of any recovery program, it is rarely enough to sway an addict or alcoholic to the side of recovery.  Sound Recovery Solutions was designed by addicts/alcoholics in recovery who themselves are enjoying sober, healthy and fulfilling lives.  We understand your struggles and, more importantly, what it will take to get where you want to go in life.  While we strongly believe in a 12 step approach to recovery, we do believe there is more than one path to get there, and will gladly work with you on an individual basis….whatever your beliefs.

Sound Recovery Solution’s goal is to assist in facilitating our clients’ integration into living full and productive lives including, but not limited to, building strong support networks, finding and maintaining gainful employment, learning to manage symptoms and medications, and promoting strong life shills. Our program was designed to provide the most conducive environment possible for our clients’ long term sobriety, down to our choice in location. Located in the heart of Delray Beach, FL, which has been coined “The Recovery Capital”, Outings are planned regularly to assist in clients’ assimilation into “everyday life” in sobriety while encouraging a sense of community and connection in a city known for its strong recovery community. Along with psychodynamic and process groups, we will engage you through powerful psychodrama art, music and creative therapies, recreational activities and holistic approaches such as yoga and guided meditation, and spiritual guidance.  Sound Recovery encourages growth with attention to body, mind and spirit.