Much of recovery is about changing your perspective and keeping your outlook on the right track. Usually, it’s a false perspective that prevents people from getting sober, or convinces them they don’t need to be sober anymore.

I Don’t Have A Real Problem

Substance use disorders are listed in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That makes it a real problem. Addiction and alcoholism are considered mental health issues, not something less than life threatening. Addiction and alcoholism are life threatening problems. Many people lose themselves into active addiction over and over again because they reduce addiction and alcoholism into “not real” problems. Being chemically dependent upon drugs and alcohol is a real problem and you have it. Thankfully, there are many many solutions to recovering from this problem.

I Don’t Deserve Treatment

Treatment for addiction and alcoholism can get pretty fancy with some treatment facilities categorizing themselves as “luxury”. It is the shameful stigmas and stereotypes of addiction which leaves addicts and alcoholics in need of recovery thinking they don’t deserve the best. Addiction takes over mind, body, and spirit. The goal of treatment is to help someone create a lifetime of recovery. In order to heal for a lifetime, you need to heal as much as possible while in treatment.

I Don’t Have A Good Reason To Get Sober

Why can’t you just stop using? Why can’t you drink like a normal person? Why is it so easy for other people to drink and use normally? Why do you have to go to treatment? You have a chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol which has changed your life. You don’t need a reason to get treatment for a life-threatening issue.

I’m Not So Bad

That statement is always true in life. There is someone who is a more chronic addict or alcoholic than you, whose life has fallen apart worse than yours, and who is struggling more than you are. People all over the world who aren’t addicted to drugs and alcohol are having a worse time than you are. Right now you have the option and ability to get help. It doesn’t make you a bad person for choosing it. Once you’re sober and stable, you can help others.

I’m Completely Alone

An estimated 23 million people in America are struggling with addiction and alcoholism of some kind. You are not alone in your struggles with drugs and alcohol.

I’ll Be Fine

You could be fine in time. You could also be dead in time. That is the blatant truth about drug and alcohol addiction. You just never know when the next drink or drug could be your absolute last. When your body and your brain are struggling to function because you need drugs and alcohol to get by, when you’re obsessed with using and can’t stop- you’re not fine. It’s okay to not be fine. There is help available.


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