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February 23, 2017
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February 27, 2017
  • Look It Up Online: Not every experience in a sober living home will be great. If you’re looking for reviews, heed them with caution. People in early recovery who have been upset can resort to making lewd accusations on false facts. The real reason to look up a sober living home is to see if there are any police reports regarding the home. Unfortunately, what is supposed to be a business to help people often ends up harming people. Many sober living homes become drug houses. Look for references and good reviews. If there are many complaints against the home, it might be best to look somewhere else.
  • Do A Home Visit: Almost every sober living home will allow you to come and visit the premises. Here are some things to look for. How clean is the home? Is there a posted chores list for the residents? Does it look like chores are done? Where do residents sign in and out? Are there a lot of people hanging around or is the house mostly empty? This will tell you if it is a place where people are unproductive or are in treatment programs/working at jobs/at school. How many beds are there to a room? If there are nothing but bunk beds crammed into a small room, it is likely a sober living only out to make money, not help recovering people.
  • Ask Questions: Information is your most important asset. Ask questions about curfews, rules, regulations, restrictions, visiting hours, passes to spend time at home, how often they drug test, meeting attendance requirements, references, chores, length of stay, rent, and more. Homes with very relaxed rules tend to go unregulated and unmanaged. A sober living doesn’t have to have strict rules, but it should have a solid structure to live within. Sober livings who test every day are going to ask for much more money than they need. Typically a sober living tests once a week, at random, and does daily breathalyzer tests.
  • Work Within Your Budget: Sober livings can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a month. You have a budget to work within. Mark your budget just a bit higher than you would normally put it. You might find a quality sober living that costs a little bit more but will be a better living environment.
  • Go With Your Gut: If you walk into a home and know it isn’t the place for you, you won’t be convinced it is. Sober living is a place for you to feel safe, supported, and protected in your recovery. If your intuition gives you the thumbs down, it’s best to listen.


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