The Dangers Of Opioid Abuse
February 8, 2017
Loneliness And Alcoholism
February 10, 2017
  • You’re Not People Pleasing As Much: Many people come into harmful relationships with drugs and alcohol out of a need to please others. By finding a way to fit in, be accepted, or validated as part of a social group, many feel that they have to drink and use drugs. Even outside of substance abuse, they were in toxic relationships and suffered abuse while always meeting the needs of others before themselves. Recovery turns people from shells of themselves into fulfilled and authentic individuals who realize they don’t have to please anyone but can life in a moral way.
  • You’re Not Pushing People Away: The opposite of people-pleasing for acceptance is pushing people away in fear of not being accepted. Rather than try to make sure people will never reject them, many people reject others first. Living in a small and isolated world full of distrust and disconnect can be depressing. Recovery helps people learn how to open up and trust in order to create meaningful relationships.
  • You Communicate Honestly: When you have an opinion, idea, or thought you are able to communicate it honestly with articulation. Most people are surprised to find that they don’t know how to communicate what they think or feel when they get sober. After spending so much time intoxicated, they have difficulty connecting to their real thoughts and feelings.
  • You’re Aware Of Your Wants And Needs: Largely, having trouble with honest communication is because they don’t honestly know how they feel. For so long, drugs and alcohol felt like the only things which were needed and/or wanted. Recovery helps you to find out what you really do like or don’t like in addition to what you really need.
  • You Laugh At Yourself A Lot: There isn’t a lot of humor left at the end of addiction and alcoholism. You’re often sensitive and struggling to find the joy in anything. You’re afraid of not taking recovery seriously enough. Dealing with shame and stigma, you feel on edge all the time. Recovery is a chance to learn how to laugh not just at yourself but the whole world. You are learning not to take everything too seriously.


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