5 Signs Your Body Might Need Rest from Over-exercising

People put their bodies through all kinds of tough physical tests including mud runs, full body fitness regimens, and excruciating training to develop physical fitness. As a result, a person may be tougher, stronger, and faster but they may also reach burn out faster than others who take it more easy. Overtraining can put too much exertion on the body which may result in injury or stress. Without proper rest, the muscles cannot grow back stronger. Learn the signs of overexertion and ways to incorporate rest into your workout routine.


People who are overdoing workouts may experience sleep disturbances or have a hard time falling asleep. This is due to the central nervous system being overstimulated from trying to heal the damaged muscles. Everytime muscles are worked, they are experiencing damage. This compounds with overtraining. Two rest days in a row should be enough to reset the body back into a normal sleep schedule and cycle. Listen to your body and rest until normal sleep patterns resume.


When hitting the gym, going for training runs, or preparing for a mud run, a person may experience elevated mood for a bit. Overtraining has the opposite effect. Mental fatigue, similar to a mild hangover, can occur. If overtraining happens for a prolonged period of time, it may lead to depression from stress on the body. Add an extra day of rest to reduce symptoms of moodiness.


Athletes and mudders tend to block out signs of fatigue thinking it will make the person feel better, faster, stronger, and tougher. Some muscle soreness is to be expected but constant soreness is a problem. If soreness persists past 72 hours post workout, the body needs rest as the muscles are not recovering.

Not gaining strength

Once the body has stopped changing in spite of one’s best efforts, it can be caused by overtraining. If a plateau has been hit, and improvements are not seen in flexibility, strength, or otherwise, the body needs rest. When overtraining, the body may go in the opposite direction of growth because the muscles are torn and need rest to get stronger.

Craving rest

Don’t fight it if you feel the need to rest. If you dread your work out, feel worn down or just want to rest, then do it. Follow the other steps and if those are okay, you’re in good shape. If you’re exhausted, moody, not sleeping, and sore, then give it a rest and go back to training tomorrow feeling refreshed.

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