5 Life Lessons to Help You Overcome Self Doubt

It is very hard to avoid self doubt and it can be even harder to rebuild confidence after it has been pulled apart to tatters by addiction. There are many ways to overcome doubt. The key is to just get started and take it one step at a time.

Focus Less on Other People

If everyone listened to the opionions others had of them, nobody would ever get anything done. Lack of confidence can stem from the belief they are not as good as they appear to be in another’s eyes. This can produce anxiety about what people think, which gets stuck on a loop tape in their mind. The constant replaying of this can have devastating consequences for confidence. Focus on the positive by not worrying about what other people say.

Go Wandering

One of the biggest aspects that bring anxiety to people’s lives and causes loss of confidence is lack of connection with nature. Social media is a great way to connect with others but modern life can keep people hyper-connected but overloaded with other people’s lives and information. Even if it is just for a day or two, or a few hours on a regular basis, getting out into nature is essential for people to feel more grounded. This will also allow for space to reflect and have quiet away from pinging phones, emails, and distractions.

Find Positive Affirmations

One of the best ways to help build confidence is to surround life, home, and work with books, resources, and tools that build affirmations and boost confidence. Finding these resources is as easy as asking around to see what others find inspiriting or going online to research what builds positive energy and feels life-giving.

Use a Gratitude Journal

One underestimated way of being inspired each day is to keep a gratitude journal. Through writing about what to be grateful for, this can bring small times each day that inspire gratitude and humility. It may also be a place to write personal, positive affirmations about experiences to reflect upon.

Seek Professional Support

The most effective way to overcome lack of confidence is to reach out to someone who works professionally to help people with personal challenges. Through talking it out, it can help to uncover ways to deal with the issues, address mental health challenges, and focus on getting that confidence back.

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